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For a daily list of web-exclusive links related to stories you see on air, see the links below: 

– To read the 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment report from the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration,  click here

– To learn more about Valentine’s Day scams and how to avoid them, click here.

– For information about money raised from presidential campaigns, click here and click here.

– To read more about the best ways to describe your weaknesses in a job interview, click here.

– To get more useful information from the Better Business Bureau to protect yourself from scams, click here.

– The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office Survivors Council has created the first ever statewide guide to resources for victims. To download the guide, click here.

– For more information on a recall of kids ibuprofen, click here.
– To learn more about the best ways to start a new job search quietly, click here.

– To participate in the city of Paducah’s master plan survey, click here.

– To track scams and report them through the Better Business Bureau, click here.
– To learn more about ways to protect yourself from scammers on the internet, and to view a video from the Federal Trade Commission, click here.

– To read the best sheeting buying guide, click here.

– To learn how to make the parenting gap on your resume work for you — and not against you — click here.
– FULTON INDEPENDENT PARENTS: The school district in Fulton, Kentucky, asks that no student walk to or from school on Friday, Jan. 25 because of how cold temperatures will be. The school will pay for students to take Fulton Transit to and from school. The district says call Fulton Transit at 270-472-0662 to schedule your child’s pick up for school no later than 6:30 a.m.

– For more information on dealing with grief click here, here, and here.

– To learn about free ultrasounds offered at West Kentucky Community and Technical College or to schedule an appointment, click here. The WKCTC Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is offering the service to pregnant volunteers throughout the spring semester, beginning Jan. 28.

– To learn more about the red flag phrases to not include on your resume, click here.

– You can find the obituary and funeral arrangements for Michael Swinford by clicking here.

– For more information on National Stalking Awareness Month, click here.

– To read more about what to do before, during, and after a networking event so you have a better chance of landing a great job, click here.

– To find a head shaving event near you, click here.

– To read the three things every potential employer wants to hear from you during an interview, click here.

– To read the overview of the Federal Commission on School Safety, click here. To read the actual report in its entirety, click here.
– To read the full report of America’s Health Rankings for 2018, click here.

– To read more about how military families can protect themselves from employment scams, click here.

– To learn more about the government shutdown and which federal employees still get paid, click here.

– To read more on the rules of the air when it comes to drones, click here.

– To learn more about the steps you can take to prepare and ask for a promotion at work, click here.
– To donate to help support the 9-year-old son of fallen Louisville Metro Police Detective Deidre Mengedoht, click here.

– To help 16-year-old Madison English pay the funeral costs for her mother January Stone, click here.
– To find out how you can donate your real Christmas tree to help local fish habitats, click here.

– For more information about the Cabondale, Illinois, warming center — including how to donate to help fund it — click here.
– To read more about the soft skills hiring managers are looking for in job candidates, click here.
– To learn more about Toastmasters International, click here.

– For more information about the National Stuttering Association, visit westutter.org.
– For more information on how to donate blood through the Red Cross and other ways to help, visit redcross.org.

To read more about the changes coming to the job search in 2019, click here.
To learn more about the salary research tool Career One Stop Salary Finder, click here.

– To learn more about email hacking and ways to prevent it, click here.

– To read more about the best ways to prepare for a layoff from your job, click here.

– To learn the Better Business Bureau’s tips to giving wisely to charity, click here.

– To find a local organization taking part in #GivingTuesday, click here.

– To read more about what hiring managers are looking for outside of hard skills, click here.

– To request a letter from Santa, click here.

– For a list of unsafe toys, click here.

– To learn more about how to be taken seriously at work, click here.

– To learn more about the pros and cons of using an electric heater, click here

– To contact Lifetone Technology to receive a replacement for your recalled bedside fire alarm and clock, click here.
– To read more about why job seekers are in the driver’s seat, click here.
– To learn more about the Kentucky Career Center, and upcoming hiring events, click here.

– For more information on the River’s Edge International Film Festival, click here.

– To learn more about how to highlight transferable skills that can help you change careers, click here.

– To contact Fantasia Accessories to receive a free replacement for your recalled slap bracelet, click here.

– To get tickets to see President Donald Trump speak in Murphysboro, IL on Saturday, October 27th – click here.
– To find the right credit card for you, click here.
– To apply for a refund for the recalled Brookstone Big Blue Party Wireless Speaker, click here.
– For the steps you can take to make sure your child’s Halloween candy is safe to eat, click here and click here.

– To learn more about the Eddie Bauer infant carrier recall, click here.
– To read more about the ways you can use networking to land a job, click here.

– To see the list of seven internet scams people fall for by Mental Floss, click here.


– For more information on how to help with the Commonwealth of Kentucky Bowl, click here.

– To read more about the non-verbal cues to avoid during a job interview, click here.

– To learn more about the “scary scams” the Better Business Bureau recommends you keep an eye out for this October, click here.

– For advice on what not to do during a job interview, click here.


– To purchase a breast cancer awareness t-shirt from the Carbondale Fire Department, click here.

– To see the list of Jackson County Health Department flu clinic locations in Southern Illinois, along with the hours for each, click here.

– To read more about how to improve your job interview game if you’re an introvert, click here.

– To see if you have unclaimed money if you live in the state of Illinois, click here.
– If you’d like more information on the “There With Care” critically ill health program or to donate, click here.

– For more information about health coalitions in your area, click here.
– For a list of Hispanic Heritage Month events in west Kentucky, click here.

– To learn more about organ donation – visit : https://www.organdonor.gov/
– To watch the Illinois governor candidates forum LIVE from Chicago, click here. The forum is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.
– If you’d like to learn more about the best career advice that no one takes, click here.

— For more information on how to report a scam to the Federal Trade Commission, click here or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

– To vote for your favorite quilt in the 2018 Fall AQS QuiltWeek, click here.

– For more information on Touchdowns and Tunes, click here.

– To learn more about how to stop unwanted robocalls and texts, click here and click here.
– To send a card to Karson Taylor, the Virginia boy battling a rare kidney disease, address an envelope to 1 Sourwood Lane, Altavista, Virginia 24517.

– To see the schedule of concerts for the upcoming Soybean Festival, click here.

– To donate to the scholarship fund to honor Bailey Holt, click here. Be sure you specify the Bailey Holt Memorial Scholarship in the comments when you donate.
– To read more about the best ways to explain why you’re unemployed in your next job interview, click here.

– To learn more about how to avoid tech support scams and watch a video from the Federal Trade Commission, click here.

– To contact Vornado to get a refund or replacement for your recalled VH101 Personal Vortex space heater, click here.

– To read this year’s Educator’s School Safety Network States of Concern report; click here.
– To learn more about warning signs of scams that pretend to use Publishers Clearing House, click here.

– To learn more about the 24th Barbecue on the River Sept. 27-29, click here.
– To read more about the ways to avoid older job seeker stereotypes, click here.

– To learn more about the best ways to encourage your child/teen to do homework, click here.

– To read more about how a low unemployment rate is helping you find a better paying job, click here.

– To read the Washington Post article centered around the Marshall County High School shooting, click: “School shootings: Should parents be charged for failing to lock up guns used by their kids?” In the Aug. 1 article, Commonwealth Attorney Mark Blankenship explains why he is considering charging the suspect’s stepfather with a crime.

– To donate to the GoFundMe to help get Kinsley Lynch home, click here.

– To get your pass for the Every Kid in a Park program, click here.

– For more information about the “Between the River” documentary; click here.

– To apply for a job at Mayfield Consumer Products, click here, and search for the company by name.

– To get up to speed on Samantha Sperry’s disappearance, click here. You can also read Dateline NBC’s report on Sperry here.
– To learn more about ransomware, and what to do if you’re targeted, click here.

– To read the full report on June unemployment from the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, click here.
– To visit the West Kentucky Alliance for a Vibrant Economy website, click here.

– For more information on Illinois grants going to fire departments and ambulance services in southern Illinois through the Small Equipment Grant Program, click here.

– To read more about the Friends of McCracken County Public Library’s annual used book sale, click here.

– To read about the four things you can do to jump-start your job search, click here.

– To take the Fat IQ test, click here.
– To learn more about Military Consumer Month and efforts by the federal government to prevent military service members and their family members from being scammed, visit militaryconsumer.gov and https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/06/ftc-partners-kick-military-consumer-month-2018

– To participate in Illinois Top 22 voting, visit: http://illinoistop200.com 
– To learn more about the program Sources of Strength that many schools are implementing, click here.

– To read more about the LinkedIn pitfalls you need to avoid in your job search, click here.


– To buy a 3 foot by 5 foot flag flown over the U.S. Capitol from Cub Scout Pack 2059 for $40, contact Michael Knight at (270-527-4644.
– To learn more about how to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Division, click here.
– To learn more about Walmart’s action again scams, click here.

– For good information on setting off fireworks safely, click here.

– For more information on the costs of illegal immigration to the U.S. taxpayer, click here.

– To apply for the Habitat for Humanity home in Paducah; click here.

– For more information about the Livingston County Equine Championships Rodeo, click here.

– To get tickets for this year’s PaBREWcah Beer Fest, click here.

– To get more information about the Big Brown Truck Pull or to sign up, click here.

– To learn more about KY Kids Eat, a program to make sure children can get nutritious meals throughout the year, click here.
– To read the Better Business Bureau study on sweepstakes, lottery and prize scams, click here.

– To see more tips on what you should do before you buy or sell a home, click here.
– To contact Lorex for a refund for your recalled video monitor, click here.
– To register to be an organ donor; click here.

– To learn about how to prevent heat-related illnesses, click here for recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.

– To see everything you need to know about the 40th annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL – click here.

– To learn more about the Summer Meal Program for Ballard County Schools, click here.

– For more information on the Scam Awareness public campaign, click here.

– For more information about the Illinois coin contest; click here.

– To see a map and list of locations for the 400 Mile Yard Sale, click here.

– To read everything about Samantha Sperry’s disappearance, click here.

– For help on the grill, call Longhorn Steakhouse’s hotline: 1-855-544-7455 or click here.

– To see the schedule for the Noble Park pool in Paducah, click here.
– For tips on protecting your children while swimming at a public pool or in your backyard, click here.
– To read more about the ways you can explain a time gap in your resume at your next job interview, click here.

– To learn more about the fishing tournaments happening at the Ballard Wildlife Management Area this weekend, click here.
– To register for a fishing license in Kentucky, click here.

– To donate as part of Kentucky Gives Day, click here.

– To get tips on how to remind yourself of a child or pet riding in your backseat, click here for information from the National Security Council.

– To see what species are listed in Illinois’ toxicology report; click here.
– To apply for Paducah Police’s 2018 Citizen’s Police Academy; click here.

– To read more about why it may be a good idea to keep a job interview, even if the salary is lower than what you want, click here.
– For more information about the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet’s April 2018 unemployment report, click here.

– To read about how to protect your children from hot playground equipment, click here.
– To read “The State of Senior Hunger in America in 2016” report from Feeding America, click here.

– To learn more about the Bowfishing Tournament on Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, click here and click here.

– To learn more about creating nearly scam proof passwords, click here.

– For a complete guide on bike cycling for beginners, click here.
– To learn how to create a DIY lava lamp as a fun activity with your kids, click here.

– For more information on Kentucky State Police’s Safe School Program; click here.

– To read more ways you make sure you can compete in the job market as an older worker, click here.


– May is Mental Health Awareness Month, for more information click here.
– For more information on dog flu, click here.

– To read railroad crossing safety tips from Geico and the Federal Railroad Administration, click here and here.

– To read about ways you can make your car less appetizing for potential thieves, click here.

– To sign up to be an organ donor, click here: https://organdonor.gov/register.html

-To make your own Cloud Identification Viewer; click here.
– To see drop off locations for National Drug Take Back Day; click here.
– To see the drop off locations for Kentucky State Police’s Drug Take Back Day, click here.
– To read more about two proposed gun bills in Illinois, click here. 
– To read the Hired study, 2018 State of Wage Inequality in the Workplace, click here.

– To read about the CDC’s recommendations for getting your child to exercise, click here.

– For more information on tech summer camps, click here.

– To read more about the dangers of distracted driving and tips for dropping your device, click here. Good information for parents of young drivers!
– To learn more about a surplus auction next month by the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, click here.

– To check out the full list of 2017 unemployment rate data from the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics, click here.

– To contact Wild And Wolf to receive a replacement xylophone beater stick, click here:  https://www.wildandwolf.com/productsafety/
– To see the map of the Paducah Dogwood Trail, click here.

– To see the updated schedule for the Paducah Dogwood Trail, click here.

– To learn more about the Purchase Area Sexual Assault & Child Advocacy Center (PASAC), click here.
– To learn more at PASAC’s Men Who Cook, click here.

– To read more on the reasons why career fairs are helpful for older job seekers, click here.

– To buy tickets for the upcoming Men Who Cook fundraiser, click here.
– The see the Kentucky Department of Education news release about students’ performance on reading and math tests, click here.
– To learn more about ways to avoid text message scams, often called smishing, click on the following links:

– For online voter registration information in Kentucky, click here
– For more information on tariffs and how they work:
For details on the Zach Williams – A Night of Healing for Marshall County concert event click here. For ticket information, click here.

– To learn more about the new pet friendly community at Southeast Missouri State University, click here: http://semo.edu/residencelife/livelearn/pet-friendly.html  
– To contact the Kentucky attorney general’s office to report or scam or file a complaint, click here.

– To contact Spirit Halloween for a full refund for your child’s recalled PAW PATROL Deluxe Marshall Hat with flashlight, click here.
– To help the Paducah family whose house was damaged by a fire Wednesday night, click here.
– To read the full list of must have items when you walk into your next job interview, click here.
– For information on how to apply for Project CAR through Marion Toyota, click here.

– To learn how to report a Publishers Clearing House scam to the real Publishers Clearing House, click here.
– To read more about SUVs not ranking well on recent crash safety tests click here: http://www.iihs.org/iihs/news/desktopnews/good-ratings-for-5-small-suvs-in-passenger-side-small-overlap-crash-test

– To contact 3M to receive your full refund for your recalled Scotch Laminator, click here: https://www.scotchbrand.com/3M/en_US/scotch-brand/tl901c-t-laminator-recall/

– To bid on the chance to blow up the old Lake Barkley Bridge email bmann@wkdzradio.com or call 270-350-1916.

– To learn more about the states that haven’t recovered since the recession, click here.

– For information about about applying for a job with USPS; click here.
– To check to see how much taxes you should be withholding from your paycheck, click here: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/irs-withholding-calculator
– To learn more about scams and rip-offs that are common during the spring season, click here and click here.

– To read more about the issue of online harassment from the Pew Research Center, click here.

– For more information on the benefits of early bedtimes for kids, click here and click here.

– To view the full hip hop song that’s helping kids learn the signs of stroke, click here.
– To see job openings for the city of Paducah, including police officer positions, click here.
– To see the full list of the 25 best jobs that don’t require a college degree, click here.

– For more information on Kick Butts Day click here, https://www.kickbuttsday.org/.

– If you would like to volunteer at Lourdes Hospice, call Susan Mason at 270-415-3640.
– To read about ways to protect your credit card information from criminals, click here.

– To learn more about the do’s and don’ts for using Toys R Us gift cards, click here.

– To find out where your county stands on the County Health Rankings, click here. The rankings are compiled in a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

– To view the 2015 Ballard County, Kentucky, audit, click here. To view the 2016 audit, click here.

– To read the 10 questions you must get answers to before you accept a new job, click here.

– For a list of common deductions you could be missing out on your tax returns, click here:  https://www.usa.gov/taxes

– To donate as pat of the annual SIU Day of Giving, click here: https://siuday.siu.edu/

– To learn more about The American Community Survey, click here. To go directly to the page to respond to the survey, click here.

– For more information on the recalled InstaPot Gem 65 8-in-1 multicooker, click here.
– To read more about how Facebook is expanding its job posting and applying tool on a global scale, click here.

– To contact Lemur Group to get a refund for your child’s recalled sleepwear, click here.

– If you’d like to donate to the Murray State University Up Til Dawn fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, click here.

– If your business needs information about any immigration policy in the workplace, call 618-440-5090

– To vote for the Top 200 of Illinois to celebrate the state’s bicentennial, click here.

– To learn how to get a refund or replacement for your recalled canned dog food, click here.
– For an easy BMI (body mass index) calculator from the National Institute of Health, click here.
– To watch the Patti’s Restaurant Facebook video that includes the restaurant’s owner and founder, Chip Tullar, click here.

– To learn how to best talk to your kids about the latest deadly shootings, click here

– Today is National Donor Day.  For more information about how to donate, check out https://organdonor.gov/index.html.
– To learn how scammers target you, and ways to react, click here.

– To learn more about how the Better Business Bureau says you can be a smart online shopper and avoid getting ripped off or scammed, click here.
– For information on Starfish Orphan Ministry mission trips and how to donate, click here.

– To send a valentine to kids who are patients at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, click here.

– To learn more about how your credit score can help or harm your job search, click here.

– To learn more about how to get standing desks for your child’s school, click here.
– To learn more about the IRS Phone Scam, and ways to report the scam if you’re targeted, click here.

– To find a Red Cross blood drive in your area, click here.

– To register for the 2018 Western Kentucky Polar Plunge and 5k, click here.

– To learn more about how to make sure you’re ready for your job search, click here.

– To learn more about the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign to prevent human trafficking, click here. 
– To learn how to make your own deicer for your car from meteorologist Jason Lindsey, click here.

– To read more about the hiring outlook for 2018 and the hot areas for hiring, click here.

– To help raise money for Addy Rogers, click here.
– To learn how to nominate a teacher for Kentucky Teacher of the Year, click here.

– To check if your HP laptop battery is under recall, click here.

 Want to get the most out of the next job fair you attend? Click here to find out how.
– To read the 16 surprising statistics about small businesses, click here.
– Track the unemployment rate in your state and county by clicking here